Why use a Heart Rate Monitor?

Why use a Heart Rate Monitor?

If you have ever wondered what is the fuss over heart rate monitors and tracking your heart rate during exercise, here is a simple explanation. Your heart rate is measured by the amount of times it beats per minute. During a rested period, a lower heart rate is actually optimal. This is because a stronger heart pumps more blood to your system per beat than a weaker heart, thus requiring less beats per minute.

As your heart is a muscle the stronger and fitter you get then the tougher your heart will be. This is why athletes use heart rate monitors as a good gauge of how fit they are and how their workout is progressing.

There are so many benefits to using HRM’s below are the top 10:

1. Improved performance

If you are able to read your heart rate during exercise it helps you to know what target zones you are in. There are specific zones that are the most efficient for endurance, fat burn and strength training. It’s a good idea to research optimum heart rate zones for your fitness goals. The zones will be different according to your fitness levels so it is important to consult a professional to ensure you are getting the best information.

2. Improved efficiency

If you are short on time its very useful with seeing how efficient your workout is, its possible to burn the same calories in 20 min as an hour if you know what you are doing.

3. Increased motivation

There are many motivational reasons to use a heart rate monitor maybe competing with friend, using an app or following a well-structured training program.

4. Increased knowledge

The recording of heart rate reading allows one to look back at session, training programs or training seasons to assess achievements and plan improvements.

5. Accountability

Although heart rate technology is not 100% accurate it is still a very good indication of your workout and sharing post workout session readings with friends, coaches or personal trainers will help you get valuable feedback and motivate yourself to work better.

6. Objective training

The ability to zoom in on heart rate zones has revolutionised training world. It is possible to instantly see the results of your session without having to wait weeks for the physical aspects to show. No fitness plan is complete without one.

7. Adaptability

Gone are the days of inflexible training session. If the weather does not permit outdoor training your heart rate monitor will keep you on track indoors. In addition, there are health advantage as you can adapt the session to your bodies conditions be it being over tired or being in peak fitness.

8. Objective Assessment

The ability to assess your sessions be it yourself or sending it to your coach is invaluable to evaluate both health conditions and fitness achievements.

9. Polar Own Index

This is a fitness test you can do through your HRM that will show you your cardio fitness level. This enables you to assess your current fitness level and gains made.

10. Strength Training

The days of cardio only fitness have gone and people are interested in building their strength as well. The heart rate monitors are just as effective in helping you train to get stronger and interval training.


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