How to survive the UK heatwave and stay fit

How to survive the UK heatwave and stay fit

Is it too hot to train?

Here is how to survive the next 40 days of heat in the UK its short and sweet – just like the UK summer!

We are having one of the hottest and longest summers recorded in the UK. While most of us are relishing in the rays and taking in our daily vitamin D. It is becoming a hassle for some people who want to train. The heat and humidity are creating a very difficult training environment. Especially as most evenings and early mornings the temperatures are already peaking past 25 Degrees Celsius.

The best advice we can give you is a few short but safe guidelines to follow:

  1. Don’t train outside between the midday hours. If you can only workout on your lunch break go find a trail in the forest or somewhere extra shady.
  2. Try and train out doors just after dawn or before dusk when the temperatures, humidity and more importantly the UV levels are at their lowest.
  3. Stay hydrated seems obvious but few of us drink enough each day. Not just before or during your training but all day. In this heat your body is losing a minimum of 2.5l per day which is the equivalent to 5 pints of milk and more.
  4. Wear sunblock, its not just for kids! Even in your middle ages and older you can still damage your skin to the point of no return.
  5. Train indoors where you can. Did you know you can hire a machine for a short period to supplement your training where possible? This is where we can help!

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