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Nomad Low Ride RC8 Recumbent Bike

From: £58.00 / month

Nomad Low Ride™ is the best option for a low impact, comfortable workout that still builds fitness and strength. it offers a great deal of diversity with its pre-set professional programs and the LCD screen offers vital information of the workout in a seated position.

  Heart Rate Monitor
  Flywheel: 7kg
  Programs: 16
  Max weight: 130 kg (287lbs)

Polar Stride sensor Bluetooth® Smart


The Stride length sensor with Bluetooth® Smart is for runners who want to improve their technique and performance. Track your speed, distance and stride length with compatible sports watch or the Polar Beat app, whether you are running on a treadmill or on the muddiest trail. Attach the Stride length sensor to your shoe and enjoy your training!


First Degree Apollo Pro II Rower

From: £73.00 / month

The commercial Apollo Pro II rower brings you sensory simulation so you feel like you’re really on the water. Featuring patented Variable Fluid Resistance Technology, you can increase the intensity to suit different goals and to progress your fitness. Boasting a stunning American Ash frame wrapped over solid steel casing, this entry level rowing machine not only looks the business but it offers exceptional durability too. The Apollo Pro II water rower is suitable for all levels of fitness, providing a total body challenge that incorporates the upper body, lower body and core simultaneously.


NordicTrack E-Series [Space Saver] Elliptical Cross Trainer

From: £82.60 / month

The ultimate tool for your home fitness, the NordicTrack E-Series elliptical trainers are great for anyone looking to improve their fitness. Tailor the stride for any user with the Power Intensity Ramp and make sure heel-lift is a thing of the past with the pedal adjust option, and space saver design.

  Stride: 20″-22″
  Incline: 10-30deg
  Programs: 26
  Max weight: 150 kg (330lbs)


NordicTrack C990 Treadmill

From: £96.20 / month

The Nordic Track treadmill offers the options that most athletes may require from 32 pre-set workout apps to a Bluetooth Receiver. The touch motor offers a quiet but smooth and consistent workout. The cooling console fan is an added feature as well as the easy store away and cushion option. Note: Restricted to garage delivery as a result of COVID-19.

  Speed: 1 – 22 km/h
  Motor: 3 chp
  Running Area: 1520 L x 510 W mm
  Max weight: 125 kg (276lbs)

Polar A370 Fitness Tracker [Black]


Polar A370 is a sleek and sporty water resistant fitness tracker that helps you stay on the pulse 24/7 with continuous heart rate monitoring, advanced sleep tracking and Polar’s unique workout features.

NordicTrack X9i Incline Treadmill

From: £200.00 / month

NordicTrack X9i is an ideal incline treadmill for those who are serious about burning calories or getting a highly concentrated workout. Besides great features, this machine gives you an extended incline range burning more calories. The latest technology ensures a comfortable workout. Note: Restricted to garage delivery as a result of COVID-19.

  Speed: 1 – 20 km/h
  Incline: -6 to + 40%
  Running Area: 1520 L x 550 W mm
  Max weight: 145 kg (320lbs)

Polar M430 GPS Watch


Polar M430 is a running watch with integrated GPS, a-gps data predicting positions of the GPS for greater accuracy, optical heart rate from the wrist with 6 LED solution. 24/7 activity tracking. New improved fitness test and 8 hours training time.

[Ex Demo] Nomad Glide XC8 Elliptical Cross Trainer


The Nomad Glide™ is a low impact, high performance cross trainer. It is developed for an entire body workout as it is designed to tone various body parts with a fluid, low impact motion. The pre-set programs, compact design and quiet operation makes this the ideal machine for all level users.

  Stride: 18″
  Flywheel: 8kg
  Programs: 16
  Max weight: 130 kg (287lbs)


[Ex Demo] NoblePro Nomad R3.0 Treadmill

£999.00 £459.00


We are offering demo models for purchase. The equipment has been regularly maintained and will be newly serviced prior to delivery and installation.

The equipment will be delivered, installed and a demo provided free of charge.



NoblePro Nomad R3.0 Treadmill Sale

£999.00 £899.00

The NoblePro Nomad R3.0 is the all in one solution to home cardio training, catering from the casual fitness and fat burning athlete to the professional preparing for an event. The 8 pre-set professional training programs, wide running surface area and the powerful motor makes it the preferred product. This treadmill also folds up effortlessly for safe and easy storage.

  Speed: 1 – 18 km/h
  Motor: 3 hp
  Running Area: 1300 L x 480 W mm
  Max weight: 130 kg (287lbs)

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