Getting fit during your middle age is just as beneficial as doing it young

Getting fit during your middle age is just as beneficial as doing it young

Reaching the middle years, slowing down and expanding waistlines is inevitable, isn’t it? Well according to scientists in Norway, it isn’t. Research is showing that people in their middle ages 40’s and up are having substantial benefits from becoming active and fit. We are not talking about running marathons but regular exercise with balanced nutrition can lower your risks of heart disease and blood pressure to similar levels as those who have been fit throughout their youth. This is not to say you should become sedentary until you reach your 40’s either but the great news is that if you have been relatively inactive it is not set in stone and you can change today.

Times are changing and According to data collected by Nuffield Health, which owns 77 gyms across the UK and has 211,000 members, the over-65s are the most frequent gym users across all its clubs, and you’re more likely to find a 72-year-old building up a sweat on the gym floor than a person of any other age. These 72-year-olds make an average of eight trips to the gym a month, beating those aged 25-39, who manage only six visits.

People are living longer and are feeling the need to look after their bodies for the future. Hitting the treadmill might not be everyone’s cup of tea but remember there are many other types of cardio equipment that can help you get fit and healthy. The most popular machine amongst our older customers is definitely the cross trainers and upright bikes. These machines give a great workout with adjustable resistance and built in training programs to help you get a decent workout.

The biggest benefit by far is having little to no impact or pressure on joints and has a comfortable posture which helps you exercise for longer. One of our clients who is aged 70 with arthritis said our upright bike has saved his life. Having it so easily accessible at home meant he could do a few minutes a couple of times a day to build up his fitness. When we delivered the machine, he was barely mobile and we didn’t have much hope. Six months later he has joined a walking and hiking club and is loving life.

Living into old age with a conked-out body can be very frightening and once our bodies start to seize up many of us give up to old age but you don’t have to you can always do something to help. Other excellent types of exercise are Zumba, Thai Chi, Yoga, Walking and Pilates. You will find you have a new zest for life!


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