Easy Weight Loss Cardio Planning

Easy Weight Loss Cardio Planning

Now I wish there was a magic plan to losing weight quickly and more importantly keeping it off. Unfortunately so many fad diets have come in and out of fashion from good carb, bad carb, more protein, vegan etc, etc you just can’t keep up. At the end of the day it’s down to a simple mathematical answer input must be less than output. You need to eat less or burn more energy than you consume.

This seems like a simple concept but is the main reason is why it is so hard for many of us to shift that stubborn weight and keep the fat at bay. We start a new diet, it’s too hard to stick to or the second we stop the weight piles back on like a loading port of a cargo ship. The only realistic option is to cut down on what we normally eat, make some healthier choices and most importantly – Do more exercise! I found this article which I found quite good at offering a realistic yet obtainable weight loss program using cardio machines.

Calories Burned during Popular Activities
Activity15 min.30 min.45 min.60 min.
Aerobic dance171342513684
Bicycling at 12 mph142283425566
Bicycling at 15 mph177354531708
Bicycling at 18 mph213425638850
Circuit weight training189378576756
Cross-country skiing146291437583
Downhill skiing105210315420
Golf (carrying clubs)87174261348
In-line skating150300450600
Jumping rope, 60-80 skips/min.143286429572
Karate, tae kwon do180360540720
Rowing machine104208310415
Running 10-minute miles183365548731
Running 8-minute miles223446670893
Ski machine141282423564
Swimming freestyle, 35 yds/min.124248371497
Swimming freestyle, 50 yds/min.131261392523
Tennis, singles116232348464
Tennis, doubles4385128170
VersaClimber, 100 ft./min.188375563750
Walking, 20-minute miles, flat60120180240
Walking, 20-minute miles, hills81162243324
Walking, 15-minute miles, flat73146219292
Walking, 15-minute miles, hills102206279412
Water aerobics70140210280

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