Does Your Diet Impact Your Ability to Recover from an Injury?

Does Your Diet Impact Your Ability to Recover from an Injury?

Injury is a hazard that is feared among those who exercise or play sport frequently. Often all it takes is a poor landing or sudden movement, and you are out of action for a week or more. Exercise is one of the best ways to strengthen the body and protect it against injury. Momentum Fitness Hire’s recommend interval training as an effective way to build up the body’s endurance. This will also give you the best chance of avoiding injuries. But what happens if you do get injured? Most people associate rest with injury recovery, yet diet also plays an important role in helping the body recover.

Minerals for Fractures

Your vulnerability to injury significantly increases when you train and play sports. Underscoring this fact is the metatarsal fracture David Beckham suffered in 2002. Ladbrokes reported that the England captain got injured weeks before the 2002 World Cup, and just managed to get fit enough to play in the tournament. Lots of ice pack treatment and regular sleeping sessions in a hypoxic tent contributed to Beckham’s remarkable recuperation. His recovery diet was also just as vital, with sports dietician Louise Beaver advising Beckham to follow a diet that included all essential minerals. Eating healthy, Beaver explained, helps “complement the healing process of a fracture,” and that was exactly what happened to Beckham’s injured metatarsal. Just as important, eating healthy prevented the star midfielder from gaining weight, which meant that he was at the correct weight to resume training once the injury had healed. Without his diet to complement his injury treatment, Beckham would not have made it to the 2002 World Cup.

To get a sense of the kind of diet Beaver recommended to Beckham in 2002, the Eatwell Guide would be a perfect starting point. By following this guide, you will get all the essential minerals and vitamins that your body will need to recover from illness and injury. In the case of fractures, it is worth noting that bone is 70% mineral. Increasing the minerals in your diet will help you recover from bone related injuries.

Protein and Carbohydrates for Muscle Repair

A balanced diet should give you enough protein and carbohydrates to aid with muscle injury recovery. We described in our article ‘High Protein Weight Loss Diets’ that protein is the primary building block of the body. This means that it is particularly important both in building muscles and repairing them. When broken down, protein turns to amino acids that create new muscle fibre to replace damaged or worn out muscles. Carbohydrates, on the other hand, give the body the fuel it needs for its day-to-day activities. With the body burning carbohydrates, it can then use its protein reserves solely for healing and repairing muscles. If the body does not have enough carbohydrates, it will instead burn the body’s protein sources, and this will hinder recovery. Common muscle-related injuries that a balanced diet will help with include strains, sprains, and tears.

Countering Inflammation with Vitamins

Eating healthy means you’ll get your fill of vitamins. These vitamins contain vital antioxidants that are useful in taming the inflammation that generally accompanies most injuries. Getting rid of inflammation is often the first step towards injury recuperation, as medical intervention such as surgery or therapy is often done only after the swelling has subsided. Ensuring that your diet is full of vitamins is an effective method to reduce inflammation.

Stronger Joints, Tendons and Ligaments

Proteins, minerals, and vitamins all work together to strengthen your joints, tendons, and ligaments. Having adequate amounts of these nutrients, therefore, will help hasten the healing process of sprained or dislocated joints, ruptured or strained tendons, and torn ligaments.

Better Overall Health

A healthy diet means your body will be able to better handle the injury recovery process. While you will still need to get professional help for serious injuries, paying close attention to your dietary choices will speed up the recovery process.


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