Bike Hire Guide

When used properly an exercise bike can give you an effective cardio workout that’s suitable for any level of fitness and especially for people suffering with injuries due to the low weight bearing activity. They are also an ideal piece of equipment for use in the home as they can be stored away quite easily and are quiet to use.

The are 3 different types of bikes one needs to consider as each has strengths and weaknesses:


Great for high intensity cardio workouts with relatively low impact. This bike is the machine of choice for cyclists, athletes and individuals who are looking for something on which to do some serious training. The major difference between spinning bike and upright/recumbent bikes is that you cannot stop abruptly on a spinning bike as you can on the other two. The spinning bike is light and compact for easy storage.


These bikes offer a great workout for people of all fitness levels and is a more versatile option than the spinning bike, as the name indicates your posture is more upright and comfortable and the whole family can use it. The upright is a compact bike that has castor wheels on so it can be easily moved around.


These low riding bikes offer the most comfortable ride as there is virtually no impact on the legs and hips and is a great option for people who are recovering from an injury or are less mobile. This bike has a bigger footprint than the spinning and upright bikes but does have castor wheels so that is can be moved around.
Every type of exercise bike essentially but they have key factors that can make them better suited to your needs.


It is important to consider how the equipment is going to get to the intended workout space. Please have a look at the delivery access information.

Features and Characteristics

This gives the bike it’s weight and momentum for cycling, the perimeter weighted flywheel creates momentum which again gives the user a realistic riding experience. Different bikes call for different flywheels but a rough guide is for upright and recumbent bikes need a minimum of 6kg flywheel and spinning bikes a minimum of 16kg to give a comfortable and precise ride.

Body Position
The first thing that you will notice when comparing the three kinds of exercise bike is that the body position on each is very different. When riding a spinning bike, the seat and handlebars are closer to level with each other meaning the rider’s body has a lower, more aerodynamic profile. Whereas the recumbent and upright bikes have a more upright and open posture.

Resistance is applied on spin bikes by either friction or magnets. Whereas the resistance levels on an upright or recumbent bike uses resistance levels set automatically on the console.

Upright and recumbent bikes need to be plugged into mains to power the consoles whereas spinning bikes do not.

Heart Rate Monitors
Accurate heart rate data can help you exercise more efficiently. Some upright/recumbent bikes with HR monitors offer heart rate control as well; their pre-set workout programs will adjust to help you stay in your target heart rate zone.

Weight capacity
User weight capacities generally range from 100 to 160kg (220 to 350lbs). We recommend choosing a bike that can officially handle at least 10kg (20 lbs) more than your body weight. This will help ensure smooth operation.

Workout Programs
Spinning bikes tend not to have consoles and if they do tend to be very basic. Most home upright/recumbent bikes today offer built-in workout programs that control their speed and resistance. Some have dozens of pre-set work outs whilst others feature the key programs. Think about how many you would actually use and does the increase justify the price?

Spinning bikes tend to be quite basic you may find some with water bottle holders but upright and recumbent bikes can have many accessories such as the bottle holders, tablet shelf, music ports etc.

Below are the different product we recommend for each type of bike:

Spinning Bike


NordicTrack GX 7.0 Spinning Bike

From: £54.00 / month

The NordicTrack GX 7.0 indoor cycle delivers a comfortable and convenient cardio workout. It has an adjustable cushioned saddle, resistance knob, non-slip ergonomic handlebars and dual-sided pedals. A LCD display tracks your vital information to track your workout.

  SPD Cleats & Toe Straps
  Flywheel: 20kg
  LDC Console
  Max weight: 115 kg (254lbs)

Upright Exercise Bike


Nomad Ride UC8 Upright Bike

From: £44.00 / month

The Nomad Ride™ is a compact and tough upright bike that offers a comfortable and intense ride. Easy use, the upright exercise bike provides great cardiovascular workouts. The multi-program offers workout options and is monitored by a LCD screen that offers vital statistics of the exercise.

  Heart Rate Monitor
  Flywheel: 7kg
  Programs: 16
  Max weight: 130 kg (287lbs)

Recumbent Exercise Bike

Nomad Low Ride RC8 Recumbent Bike

From: £58.00 / month

Nomad Low Ride™ is the best option for a low impact, comfortable workout that still builds fitness and strength. it offers a great deal of diversity with its pre-set professional programs and the LCD screen offers vital information of the workout in a seated position.

  Heart Rate Monitor
  Flywheel: 7kg
  Programs: 16
  Max weight: 130 kg (287lbs)