The Best Wearables for 2018

The Best Wearables for 2018

You won’t be surprised if I tell you the market for smart watches and fitness trackers is booming and everyone is trying to get in on the action. Currently the market leader is the Fitbit range but you might be surprised at some of the other watches and brands that made it onto the list. The fitness tracker and smart watches on this list range from £30-£330.

Few of the smart watches offer more than basic fitness tracker features barring the Apple watch but if you are looking at buying a smart watch as a fitness tracker make sure you check out the features and make sure it will do the job for you.

All basic fitness trackers should be able to monitor steps, distance covered, calories burned and active minutes. Some might also have a clock so you can tell the time, although some are simply a series of LEDs that give you an approximation rather than the exact time.

More advanced fitness trackers will add features like sleep tracking, a built-in vibrating alarm, a barometer to measure height climbed, heart-rate monitoring, session recording for various sports and more.

Each fitness tracker has special features that make it stand out from the wearables crowd so make a list and jot down your most important features before you get distracted by this list of very appealing fitness trackers…

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