Basic Treadmill User Guide

Basic Treadmill User Guide

Treadmills are great for getting in a good cardio workout in the comfort of your own home. Finding time to train with a busy lifestyle can be tough but finding some time to workout 4-5 times per week can be hugely beneficial to your health and help shed a few unwanted pounds.

Here are 6 easy steps to get you going:

Step 1: Get to know your treadmill

Find out what programs the treadmill has, where the speed and incline functions are and how to use the console. Always test the machine before using it, turn it on and test the buttons without running on the belt. Ensure it has been assembled, lubricated and set up correctly.

Step 2: Get onto the treadmill

Hold onto the hand rails and put your feet onto the sides (foot rest or side bars) on either side of the running belt. Attach the safety clip to your clothing. Once ready press ‘start’ and when the belt moves slowly start to walk on the belt.

Step 3: Do a warm up

Warm up slowly before starting the workout, this can be a slow walk or jog to get the heartrate up and the muscles warm.

Step 4: Check that your posture is correct

Your back should be straight with your shoulders back and you need to look straight ahead. If you run and look down at the console or screen constantly as it will affect your breathing and stability. Allow your arms to naturally swing next to your sides, don’t be tempted to run and hold onto the rails (these are only to be used for checking heart rate for short intervals).

Step 5: Hydration

Make sure you are drinking before, during and after your workout especially if you are running for more than 60 min. Studies have shown that 30 min of exercise 5 times a week is highly beneficial to your health and doing 60-90 min each time will encourage healthy weight loss.

Step 6: Cooldown

Once your workout is done you need to slow down gradually and stay at a slow steady pace for a few minutes to help your body cool down and your heart rate to slowly decrease.  Once you have stopped the machine completely then can you remove the safety clip. Do a few stretches afterwards to avoid stiff muscles.

Well done you did it!

Some top safety tips to always remember when using a treadmill

  • Always wear sensible clothing, preferably natural fabrics such as cotton and good comfortable running shoes and socks – don’t run barefoot on a treadmill.
  • Avoid any sudden changes or stops on the machine as it can cause damage to both yourself and your equipment, rather use the side bars or foot rest if you feel unstable.
  • Always ensure there is enough space behind your treadmill should you fall you won’t be launched into something, 2 meters clearance is advised.


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