About Us

Our company realises that in today’s lifestyle people are busier than ever.

The ability to stay fit and reach our fitness goals is drifting ever further away. Not only do we need to find the time to look after our bodies but also the motivation to keep going once we have started!

As working parents of two young children we find it near to impossible to find time to do any kind of exercise which doesn’t involve chasing a toddler around, never mind attempting a trip to the gym. We both have fitness goals, I want to lose my baby weight (accumulated after two) and my husband is an ex-national cyclist and keen sportsperson who wants to stay fit and train for events.

Having equipment at home was an extraordinary help but we needed more flexibility as we didn’t want to invest in only one piece of equipment and then get bored.

And so Momentum Fitness Hire was born.

With the flexibility to hire equipment on a monthly basis, along with a plethora of motivation ideas to help you reach your fitness goals and track your progress – using the latest apps, best nutritional supplements, accessories and gear – we want to see you thrive while sharing your journey with us and a community of others trying to reach their goals too.

Whether it be for general health and fitness, recovering from an injury, weight loss or training for a marathon, our high-tech equipment and accessories will help you reach your goals.

We are dedicated to helping you reach your goals by offering you products we are proud of. We respect and show kindness to everyone, we are all human with different needs.