From 5 k to Marathons –  Endurance training

From 5 k to Marathons – Endurance training

Are you thinking about running a 5k, 10k or even a marathon but you find you just keep putting it off as you don’t have the time or energy to train properly? Using a treadmill in your own home is your answer. When you have little time to fit those training sessions in it can be achieved by having the equipment on hand so you can train at your convenience.  The UK and Europe host some of the best half and full marathons in the world and now is the time to start checking them off your bucket list. The London Marathon is this weekend and hopefully it gives you some incentive to go for it.

If you are thinking of training for a marathon, scientists suggest 6months to 1-year training is optimal to have a successful outcome. It is also important to get a check over by a health professional or GP before you start. Now that the formalities are out the way you can look at where to start.

This might seem obvious but you need to start small and work up, you need time and patience for your body to become used to longer distances. It’s not just your muscles that need to train but also your cardiovascular system.

Basic game plan:

  • You need to start off with shorter distances a couple of times a week and slowly build up by 10% or so every week.
  • Try getting in at least 3-5 runs per week to build up stamina and endurance.
  • If you are a real beginner don’t give up if you can’t run very far your first time, its okay to slow down and walk then run again once you have caught your breath. Don’t get too passive keep pushing your self for shorter and shorter walks.
  • Once you are running more comfortably, change the tempo to help build up your cardiovascular system. Increase the speed for short bursts to get the pulse and breathing rates up.
  • Every 7-10 days do a nice long run, at a relaxed pace to get your body used to longer distances.

Once you are feeling comfortable with this its time to sign up for your first 5 or 10 km race, this will give you great insight into how you cope under race conditions. Completing the race not only gives you insight but a high five to yourself for accomplishing it. Just remember when you race to wear good shoes you have run long distances in before. Eat well and hydrate before the race and during, carbo loading is a real thing. Stick to your plan and don’t panic, slow and steady at first and go hard at the end. Learning visualisation techniques to help you plan and get through your race is vital. The most important thing to remember is to relax and rest your body during training and after races to avoid injuries which will inevitably spoil your marathon aspirations.

Getting you on your journey we have a link to all the marathon and half marathons around the country.



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