High Protein Weight Loss Diets

High Protein Weight Loss Diets

The goal of losing weight with a high protein diet usually requires you to increase your regular protein diet from 15g of protein up to 30-50% of your daily intake. It also involves you lowering your carbohydrates or completely eliminating them. This has caused controversy amongst experts in the industry as the long-term effects of this is still unknown. Not all high protein diets are created equally but its advised to look for those low in saturated fat, moderate in carbohydrates and high in fruit, veg and fibre.

Known benefits to high protein diets:

  • Curbing Appetite, it has been widely proven that higher protein foods make us feel fuller and more importantly keeps us feeling fuller for longer than a carbohydrate rich meal.
  • Proteins are the primary building blocks of the body. They’re used to build tissues like muscle, tendon, organ, and skin which is great when you are training and trying to tone up.
  • However, most long-term studies show that protein, including animal protein, has major benefits for bone health
  • Generally speaking, your protein needs are going to be best met by animal sources, but with a bit of creative meal planning, vegetarians and vegans can get enough amino-acid-rich protein to build plenty of muscle and strength.
  • Eating and digesting food burns calories, eating a high protein meal and increase this by 10%, some research has shown that it can even change your metabolism or the better.
  • Protein helps maintain lean muscle, while limiting carbs can help switch your body to burn off more fat, even if you’re following a calorie-reduced diet plan.

High protein food groups to look at including into your diet are: White meats such as chicken breast, turkey and fish which is a no brainer really. Cheaper alternatives such as pork loin and eggs are good lean sources of proteins. For vegetarians as well as everyone else should include soya, grain and pulses into their diets for very lean protein and high fibre options.

Like all diets there are downsides to high protein diets. Eating too much protein that is high in trans-fat can cause long term problems such as heart disease and high blood pressure. A rare side effect is ketosis which is associated with nausea, headaches and heart palpitations. It is always advisable to speak to your GP before trying any new diets.


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